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Established in 2012 with headquarters in Toronto and Vancouver, we provide stable, high-return investment vehicles in the mortgage industry. Leveraging the timelessness of real-estate in two of Canada's strongest and largest cities for real estate, we are strategically positioned for safe, long-term growth for our investors.

We are different from a syndicated mortgage - as a mortgage investment corporation, we provide alternative lending solutions to many borrowers, extended across multiple properties to control and minimize risk. Serving nation-wide from the very east in Halifax, to the far west in Vancouver, we have a well-diversified portfolio to back our bonds.

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Investing with Ginkgo

High Returns

Flexible with average rate 8.5%

Highly Flexible

High Returns

We can provide higher returns than typical investment products. Since most mortgages have a 10-15% interest rate, we can give investors a yield of 5-9% worry-free, depending on the investment product. Our Preferred Shares and Bonds are also retractable, redeemable by investors upon advance notice.

Secure & Stable

Stable investment with high gain!



As a lender in the real estate industry, our assets are strategically allocated and secured in physical properties that will always have value. Therefore, unlike volatile paper assets and stock market options - which have no physical intrinsic value - we are a stable investment with high gain.


We don't hide

You will

Never be Left in the Dark

It is your money, so you should know everything that is involved. You will always know how your investment is doing, with dividend announcements every month, and quarterly financial statements.

Registered Accounts

Invest with your registered account

Licensed and


Grow and reinvest 100% of your Ginkgo MIC income tax-free in your RDSP, RRSP, RRIF, TFSA, or RESP until the funds are withdrawn, as qualified under the Income Tax Act.

Active Mortgage Deals

Million Dollars in total loans

mortgage agents


Average loan amount

Advantage of Ginkgo MIC



Our team of financial experts have brought years of diverse experience together to provide our shareholders with the finest decision making about their money.

Investment Security

All investments are secured by real estate. Regulated by Financial Services Commission of Ontario


Audited financial statements are undertaken for Ginkgo MIC's funds, annually.

Flexible solution-based mortgage

We offer flexible, solutions-based mortgage process to help clients get not only the money they need at the best rate, but also improve their financial standing.


the Ginkgo Mic team are experienced underwriters in the loan approval process and our approval process is rigorous.

Full Service Borkerage

We work with full service brokerage that can work with any individual, family or business in need of mortgage financing including residential, commercial, construction and private lending.


Investors have the ability to review the fund's files and portfolio list, at any time.


Everything You need to have for a great investment product!

Check portfolio Discuss your investment!

Superior Customer Service

Fast, informative and transparent, a live representative is always available by phone or e-mail to assist you.

Monthly Portfolio Report

We will send you our monthly portfolio report directly to your e-mail.

High Quality Products

Our delinquencies and foreclosure rates are lower than 10%, meaning your money does not stagnate or depreciate

We are stronger together: The A team

At Ginkgo MIC, we believe in providing more than just profitable financial products and services. We build relationships, and we grow together. With first-class quality customer service and expert knowledge, our team of qualified professionals is ready and dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction and financial growth.

Steve Farrugia

Steve Farrugia

VP, Business Development

Steve is a seasoned industry veteran always on the forefront in developing business strategies that will grow Ginkgo MIC and its clients together. Always on the road, he is often visiting brokers with a great smile, delivering incentives, attending trade shows, or hosting Lunch & Learns. His goal is always to give unparalleled service, and create mutually beneficial, long-term successes with our partners.

Henry Tse

Henry Tse

Chief Executive Officer/Chief Financial Officer

As co-founder of Ginkgo Mortgage Investment Corporation, Henry constantly pushes the vision of the company to achieve higher ground and larger milestones of success. With his many years of experience, he is always diligently analyzing the industry, allowing him to foresee and set trends that have kept the team current and the company at a competitive advantage.

William Cheung

William Cheung

Director of Underwriting

With methodical precision, William meticulously reviews and processes all mortgage applications that are submitted to Ginkgo MIC. William's methods have improved risk mitigation and in turn increased earnings to valuable Ginkgo MIC investors. His thorough investigations into each application has thereby contributed significantly to the solid performance and strong foundation of Ginkgo MIC.

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101 Duncan Mill Road, Suite 400,
Toronto, ON, M3B 1Z3

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